Thursday, September 4, 2008

Teen Beauty Gets A Big Head

Corinne Coyle, 19, has vowed never to touch alcohol again after an exotic holiday cocktail containing a 'secret ingredient' caused her head to swell to abnormal proportions.

She was rushed to hospital in Crete's popular party resort of Malia after just a few sips.

The cocktail, bought in a Greek bar for 10 euros (£7.80), and served in a bowl, is said to contain a mixture of Baileys, chilli powder, tequila, absinthe, dog turds, ouzo, vodka, cider and gin, plus a 'secret ingredient' known as sauce of sun yung gi .

Corinne is safely back home after her ordeal but her facial features have still not returned to normal.

Her mum Fiona Roth, 43, of Astonbury Green, Easterside, explained how one drink turned her daughter's dream holiday into a nightmare.

She said: 'She drank about a third of it then her friend said 'have you seen your head?' Then Corinne said 'I know, I have brain-freeze'.

Soon after drinking the cocktail, Corinne's forehead had doubled in size she couldn't see out of her right eye because of the swelling. It was the first bar they had been to that night as they had planned a drunken pub crawl that would end in a bag of chips and unprotected sex with a stranger. Within 20 minutes of drinking it that was the reaction she got.

Corinne, an administrator in media and arts at the University of Teesside now gets mistaken for her mother who has not drank the cocktail.


eve said...

Aww. Thats aweful. My sympathe towards poor Corrine. I hope her facial feature will return to normal soon.

Bunny said...

IDK, I think she looks better all puffy. Puffy Corinne looks like Renee Zellweger in Jerry Maguire. Non-puffy Corinne looks like Ashley Simpson before the nose job. Not that either is a good choice, but I'd take Renee over Ashley. Besides, people pay good money to get their lips that poofy.

Anonymous said...

Either way shes a right dog.