Friday, March 13, 2009

Gypsy Tramps Aren't Free

These girls must be on clearance.

Over 2,000 Roma teens and their parents gathered in southern Bulgaria to find a husband willing to pay a hefty price for his new wife.

The open-air bride sale takes place every year on the first Saturday after the start of the orthodox Easter fast as it is in the Bible............. some where at the back.

Girls arrive in their finest clothes and jewelry, their parts washed for once and their faces caked in makeup, eager to show prospective spouses their beauty. Bulgarian beauty seems to differ from actual beauty. Younger brothers and sisters tag along to eat sweets and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

As one mother explained to OBB News, "We take our daughters to this gathering so they could get acquainted with boys, for we do not allow our children to go to discos." Word on the street is that a beautiful young woman can fetch several thousand euros.

OBB News is all for the selling of teenagers and thinks there should be more of it and as for discos, all you have to do is watch Saturday night fever to see how wrong the whole disco thing is.

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