Monday, March 16, 2009

In Rod We Rust

Six year-old Mihir Kumar was celebrating the festival of Holi in India, when he slipped off the terrace of his family home and landed on a the five foot-long iron rod that was left standing on a building site.

Mehul was playing with colours on the terrace when he fell on an iron rod left standing on the under-construction terrace.

The rod punched through his ribcage and came out the other side. It was said to have hurt a little bit.

He underwent three-hour surgery at the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences to remove the rod.

He is now recovering in hospital and has been revered as a prophet as during Holi he was made holey when he fell from the sky like the prophet Mahatma Coat.

Dr Sandeep Agarwal, one of the three surgeons to operate on the boy, said he had miraculously escaped major internal injuries and commended the boy for his will power.

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