Wednesday, October 15, 2008

There Goes The Nieghbourhood

A Cambodian couple who separated after 40 years of marriage decided to split everything 50/50 . The husband cut the house in two.
The split house is located in the Prey Veng province of southern Cambodia.

The husband was angry because his wife wouldn't look after him when he was ill with genital warts he caught from her sister as is the way in their village.

The husband and his friends moved his belongings to one side of the house and sawed and chiseled the house in half.

The couple also divided their property into four for themselves and their two children. It is lucky they didn't have three children.

He then moved his part of the house to his parents' property , and now he lives with his parents in their basement, the wife continues to reside in her upright half of the house.

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