Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sneaky Missile To Be Used By The Military

A revolutionary missile that can stalk a target until the perfect moment to strike is being developed by the Ministry of Defence for use against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The lurker bomb will be able to shadow British troops for up to ten hours or 100 miles, ready to take out enemy targets with surgical precision at a minute’s notice.

The 12ft weapon officially named Fire Shadow and made in Britain will be used by the Royal Artillery and is expected to be operational by 2010.

Other missiles in development The Flasher whose casing falls away before it explodes best used in parks, The Stalker who calls and harasses the target before following it home and waiting outside to explode and The Spammer who repeatedly e-mails and texts the target telling them how big they will explode but then doesn't. The latter weapon is non-lethal and is just for annoyance.

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Anonymous said...

who says the M.O.D, are not spending money on defence