Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bale Makes Bail

Batman star Christian Bale, 34, argued with his mother after she allegedly insulted his wife by calling her a "lunch box licker and a Seagull rubber".

Bale was arrested and bailed over an assault claim, which he has denied. 'He just got very loud because his mother was saying some very outrageous things about him, and his wife,' said sources close to the actor.

Bale is said to have become depressed over the death of close friend and co-star Heath Ledger which has caused some troubles in his marriageto Sandra 'Sibi' Blazic, a former model and make-up artist .

"His marriage is not perfect, but his relationship with his mother is in much more trouble," said a friend of Bale.

Sir Michael Caine who was also there as he stars in the movie said loudly ; '' That bloody stupid woman if I see her in the street she'll get a left hook, he's under a lot of pressure and simply got incredibly loud with members of his family around, his mother should get over the fact that another woman shares Christian's bloody bed now."

Christian has admitted that something just snapped, but he didn't threaten anyone with violence.

Mother Jenny Bale says there was a family incident but says she did not call the police to the scene.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said: " Bale has to realise that this is not Gotham city and his wild vigilante ways will not be tolerated we are making further investigations."


warriorwoman said...

I'd love to get violent with Christian Bale.

All that bat gear and sweat and - HE'S MARRIED!!!

Oh well, been there and done that, once more won't hurt.

movie buff said...

it's too bad that people keep bothering Christian Bale about these rumors, he seems like a solid guy in general

Bunny said...

Ah his mum's just pissed because his Dad went and married Gloria Steinem and Christian likes stepmommy better.