Friday, July 4, 2008

Such A Lady

Trinny Woodall TV presenter, 44 who advises women what not to wear needs a few lessons on lady like etiquette in the art of getting into cars with her dignity intact.

Looking calm one minute and instead of waiting for the door to be opened she leaps into a waiting Mini flashing a spectacular amount of her extraordinarily long legs .

In a culture of paparazzi just waiting to get a shot of a celeb's knickers she maintained some level of decorum by wearing a pair of culottes.


just bob said...

I'd bang her.

MJ said...

In this video clip from The Graham Norton Show, the lovely Joanna Lumley demonstrates how to gracefully get into a car.

Demo starts at about 9:06 minutes into the clip.

warriorwoman said...

yeah, she's doable.

Anonymous said...

Nice leg over.