Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Post For HMS Cornwall Commander

Commander Jeremy Woods who was in charge of HMS Cornwall that had 15 sailors and Royal Marines captured and held for 13 days by the Iranians has been removed from his command.

Two inquiries into the incident showed no shortcomings and no one person was to blame and that the move was not in any way related to the Iran Hostages said a MOD spokesperson.

The Spokesperson added: "Cdr Woods would continue to serve in the Royal Navy in a post where his talents and experience would be used to great effect."

Navy trainees will get to enjoy his talents and experience at the training base HMS Raleigh where Cdr Woods will be serving lunch in the cafeteria and mopping up any spills and telling tales of his 23 years man and boy serving in the Navy.

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warriorwoman said...

Aye, he's been blown ashore.