Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alls Fair In Love And Sport

Last November, 39-year-old Stuart Slann, from South Yorkshire, a loyal Manchester United football (soccer) fan, was vacationing in Cancun when he met two Liverpool supporters.

Being bitter rivals the two men (who are also cage fighters) grew tired of Slann's boasting that Manchester Utd holds the English Premier League and Champions League titles and decided to throw him in the pool like you do .

Scousers from Liverpool have a long memory. Just ask Ringo Starr. His topiary figure constantly gets beheaded because of negative remarks he made about his home town.

Upon returning to Liverpool, the two men decided to set up a fake Facebook profile under the name "Emma" and to lured Slann into a virtual love affair.

Slann drove 500 miles from his home to a remote location in North Scotland, where he thought Emma was eagerly awaiting his arrival.

When he finally reached the address "Emma" had given him, there was nothing but an old, deserted farm.

Soon after arriving, he received a text from "Emma," saying that she was still at work and that he would have to wait a while.
After waiting for three hours in his car, a worried and horny Slann called the number he had been texting and was shocked when a man picked up the phone. "Hello Stuart," the man said, "do you remember us? It's them Scouse lads who threw you in the pool. You've been framed."

Slann, who had been tricked into taking a "rude" photo of himself with his camera phone on the drive north, has since been divorced by his wife.

While he does think the trick was cruel, he said, "I'll hold my hands up and say they really wound me up."

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