Monday, February 16, 2009

Texas Fireball

Dallas, Texas, North America. not the place you want to be at the moment as the state is not only swarming with rednecks and zombies now there are invaders from outer space.

What looked like a fireball streaked across the Texas sky on Sunday morning, leading many people to call authorities to report seeing falling debris.

"We don't know what it was," said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Roland Herwig.

"We don't doubt what people saw" said U.S. Strategic Command spokesman John Foster. "It may have been the sun glinting off some blue ice falling off a jet plane" he added, "nothing going on here and any reports of police radio recordings stating that a UFO has just landed are false."

"There is no correlation between the sighting and debris from the satellite collision," said Maj. Regina Winchester, with STRATCOM.

Harold Punter was driving south into Denton when he saw the fireball: "I could see a dark mass at the front but I couldn't tell what it was, then it did a 90 degree turn and was gone in seconds."

The FAA notified pilots on Saturday to be aware of possible space debris after a collision on Tuesday between U.S. and Russian communication satellites.

The chief of Russia's Mission Control says clouds of debris from the collision will circle Earth for thousands of years and threaten numerous satellites.

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