Friday, February 27, 2009

Bush Too Good For Greeting Job

The former US president George W Bush entered a hardware store called Elliott's outlet with his security detail saying "I'm looking for a job", store manager Andrea Bond said.

The owner of the Texas chain made the offer to employ him as a greeter earlier this month in a letter published in a Dallas newspaper.

Bush showing that he still has an unrealistic view of the world decided upon reflection to turn the job down.

Mr Bush spent an hour with his secret service security detail, chatting to customers and doing a little shopping. He bought a chainsaw and some duct tape.

A part-time job that would have given Mr Bush time to look for something better and still have some rent money coming in

The employment package offered parking for his security detail and an employee discount. Mr Bush thinks he can do better in this economic climate.

Mr Bush and his wife Laura moved into their new home in an expensive area of Dallas on Friday. They have kept their ranch at Crawford, Texas.

OBB News hopes that Laura isn't so picky at the jobs she is offered as millions are laid off every day.

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