Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ginger Dog Gets Sucked Off On New York Streets

New York, America, Robert Machin, 57, a retired public transport worker had just finished walking his two Boston terriers and was about to put them in his car when a road sweeping truck appeared and his dog Ginger was swallowed by the sweeper's round bristles.

“The animal was like a family member in my house,” said Mr Machin.
Many of Mr Machin's family lounge around licking their parts and use the back yard as a toilet.

Witnesses say the vehicle was moving at about 30 or 40 mph, much faster than the 10 mph it’s supposed to go, and that the driver was listening to headphones.

“He came so close to the car that he sucked the dog off the leash,” said Isamar Maldonado, who saw the incident.

The Department of Sanitation issued a statement regarding the incident and said it will not charge Mr Machin for any damage done to it's equipment nor for the cleaning of his dog.


mago said...

That is GOOD!
Fight the cause, not the symptoms!

That driver earns an Iron Cross First Class.

MJ said...

Could it be used to sweep ginger people off the streets once and for all?

Ginger Spice said...

Don't call me a dog!!!

Anonymous Boxer said...

That's what you get for curbing your dog.

Bunny said...

MJ - that was my first thought as well! Down with ginger people!

B said...

a 40mph cleaner sounds ridiculous... why even make it that fast?!

PS. you're Irish correspondant is a self-absorbed sh!t.

warriorwoman said...

Does it suck up pussy too?

I have a couple of cats that need a good cleaning

Anonymous said...

This story is disgusting what about that poor dog?