Sunday, June 1, 2008

Plastic Surgery Book Aimed At Children

Dr Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon from Miami has written a children's book explaining nose jobs, tummy tucks and breast implants. 'My Beautiful Mommy book', which comes complete with cartoon-style illustrations.

He says it's to help four to seven-year-olds prepare for their parents' plastic surgery so they aren't shocked by the results as Michael Jackson's children are every other week.

But the book, which tells the story of a little girl whose mother gets a tummy tuck, breast implants and nose job, has been criticised in the US, home of plastic ego.

It follows the mother through first consultation until after her surgery as she explains to her children what is going to happen.

At one point she explains to her daughter, "You see, as I got older, my body stretched and I couldn't fit into my clothes anymore and daddy started to look at other women. Dr. Michael is going to help fix that and make me feel better."

The mother also points out that a lot of it is the child's fault because if she hadn't had a child she'd look better so get used to it.

When it comes to her nose job, the mom warns that she will look different after the bandages come off.The girl asks: "Why are you going to look different?" Mom responds: "Not just different, my dear prettier and better than daddy's sectary !"

Dr Salzhauer, a father-of-five, says the book is not meant to be a regular children's bedtime story but plays a specific purpose.

However, it has prompted criticism and debate over whether it will normalise plastic surgery and encourage more people to have it. This reporter is now eager for a scrotal tuck.

His books 'Dad's penile implant' and 'Fat to Phat my gastric bypass' have already been on the best sellers list in Europe.
Dr Salhauer is all ready working on a follow up book entitled 'Why did Mommy have to die?' all about when plastic surgery goes wrong this will prepare the children incase the out come is bad.


Just Bob said...

Why mess around with unsavory doctors, reams of medical paperwork and hours of consultations and after care when you can do it yourself?

Anonymous said...

That site was just wrong.

Christy said...

Gotta talk to the kiddies about it, secrecy is bad.

Who cares, if they have the money to change--new tits, new tattoos, piercings, hairdo, Lexus?

I'd love to see the penile extension primer, I really would.