Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Judge Almost Kills Her Own Grandchild

In South Carolina a 4-year-old girl accidentally shot herself with her grandmother's handgun in a Sam's Club store .

The child was riding in a shopping cart and playing with a cell phone having a great time dialing 911 then laughing and hanging up grabbed a handgun from her grandmother's purse and shot herself in the chest.

The child's condition improved to stable condition following surgery , hours after she was hospitalized in critical condition.

The grandmother, 47-year-old Donna Hutto Williamson a South Carolina magistrate, has a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

The Sam's Club store does not have a sign prohibiting guns inside or a sign prohibiting the accidental shooting of pre-schoolers so it has not been decided yet whether criminal charges will be filed against her.

Chief Magistrate Rodger Emerson Edmonds said it's common for magistrates to carry guns for protection.

"Sometimes some of the judges have to make deposits at the banks," he said. "The other reason is for self preservation to protect yourself because there are some crazies out there."

Maybe there wouldn't be so many crazies out there if the magistrates did their jobs properly.

Lets hope Williamson's judgement is more sound in the courtroom than in Sam's Club. Should a judge who can't even babysit be allowed to hold the fate of thousands in their hands?


warriorwoman said...

just shoot the granny

Bunny said...

Great, stupidness from the state to which I'm moving my sorry ass. Thanks.

Anonymous Boxer said...

she should have a permit to be a 47 year granmother.