Saturday, June 21, 2008

Whats Happening In Wales?

The thriller by director M Night Shyamalan 'The Happening' has been banned from the Odeon cinema in Bridgend, south Wales.

The film depicts a spate of unexplained suicides and Wales has been recently plagued by a series of tragic suicides, 22 since January last year.
Carwyn Jones, 28, from Bettws, near Bridgend, was found hanged on Monday.

A spokesman for the Odeon cinema group said: "Odeon took the decision in May not to screen The Happening at Odeon Bridgend due to sensitivities around the content of the film in this particular region."

The Odeon in South Wales also refused to show 'The night of the sheep shagger' staring Daniel Day Lewis due to the constant violation of the local sheep and The 40 year old virgin was also banned but the manager didn't give a reason.
After showing the movie 'Spiceworld' there were 24 suicides across the UK.

Suicide is one of the most selfish ways to end a life, not only does it pain those left behind but it also hurts cinema goers.
I hope those 22 people who killed themselves can live with what they have done, now people either have to go to another town or wait for the DVD to come out.

Another M Night Shyamalan movie was banned in the small Scottish town in killamory.
In 2002 the film about alien invasion 'Signs' was banned due to a spate of alien abduction and anal fisting.
The film was a box office hit even though it had very obvious plot faults and goes to show you there is no such thing as bad press.


witchypoo said...

What's with all the anal fisting? A body would have to be very angry to punch someone in the arse, don't you think?

MJ said...

If you can call a bed sheet up on the wall of the Killamory pub a "cinema".

warriorwoman said...

what's all this preoccupation with aliens and arsholes????

Bunny said...

Alien fists are fairly small, so the fisting isn't so bad. Really.

B said...

22 suicides?

well... it is wales after all, what do you expect? happiness?