Wednesday, June 18, 2008

UFO Flotilla Over California

A Southern Californian man stepped out of his house around 8.15 am on Wednesday morning and saw what looked like a group of unidentified flying objects in the sky and so raced back into his house and grabbed his camera .

The man who wants only to be known as Ed said: " I stood out in my yard with my teenage daughter and stared at these things. They seemed to be slow moving spheres and moved with the wind I was sore afraid that it was an invasion fleet from Mars. I've had a nasty experience with aliens in the past that I do not want to repeat."

The man is on record with the government as having been reported as an alien abductee in 1976 and had 12 hours of missing time in which he was subject to painful and frightening experiments that included anal fisting.

He was sent to a psychiatric facility where he was subject to painful and frightening experiments and anal fisting in the name of medicine .

A spokesman for a nearby air force base denied having any military activity in the area and that they were probably balloons.

Ed reacted to this by saying: " Of course that's what they'll say and they also whitewashed it from the news but I saw and if my corn-hole could speak it would tell you the truth about what happened."


witchypoo said...

Why do they call it a cornhole?

mago said...

Not Knud?

Man In Black said...

He saw nothing and even if he saw nothing it wasn't there.