Thursday, November 15, 2007

Celebrity Brutally Slain By Lemurs

Dave Kerbin host of Discovery channels "World of deadly creatures" has died at the claws of the animal he was filming in South east Asia.
Colugos are known colloquially as flying lemurs though they glide rather fly and are our closet relative after apes and monkeys.

There has been talk for years about the Colugos snatching babies and young children from nearby villages and feeding on them high in the trees and Kerbin wanted to debunk that.

Sam Willard, Kerbin's cameraman said: "Dave just got too close to the troop and before we new it four of them were beating on him and dragged him kicking and screaming up their tree it was terrible."

" He screamed for about a minute before they finished him off I was able to get the whole thing on film, we'll really miss dave but most of all the animals will, they have lost a champion today."

Doctor Harry Chapman an expert in Lemurs and Colugos said: " In my paper 'man against beast' I had stated that Lemurs were the second most vicious creature in the animal kingdom, second only to Pandas especially The great white Panda, and they were the most underestimated. I was not consulted for the making of this program, if I was perhaps Kerbin would still be alive today."

Dave Kerbin leaves behind 3 cats and a small goat farm.

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