Sunday, November 25, 2007

Miami Crime Rate At All Time High, African Dust To Blame

Doctor Robert Ekbert of the Miami institute for study and research has made a startling discovery as to why the crime rate in Florida has escalated more than 60% in the last five years.

The beautiful reddish hue in the Florida sky at dusk is caused by light reflected off dust blown in from the Sahara desert.
Dr Ekbert claims that this dust carries the bacteria from millions tiny desiccated creatures from the dried up lakes of the south Saharan region.

"The dust" says Dr Ekbert "gets breathed in and infects our respiratory carotid sinus reflexes and into our cerebral cortex effecting our reasoning and judgement, those who spend more time outside will have greater exposure."

The CDC have issued a statement saying they have not seen any evidence to prove or disprove the hike in criminal activities but suggest you limit your time outside and wear a face mask.

A spokesperson for the Florida police department said," While the crime rate in Florida is at an all time high I must point out that you have more chance of getting knocked down and killed while crossing the street than getting car-jacked and gang-raped and stabbed 14 times in the face ."

Besides the dust, the sizable Jewish community and the gang-rape Florida is still in the top five US tourist attractions.

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