Monday, November 12, 2007

Prince Harry Under Suspicion Again

Prince Harry who was recently questioned about the deaths of two endangered hawks found at Sandringham estate has now been questioned by police and security from the British Museum.
Prince Harry and two friends were given permission for a private tour, after the company had left it had been found that there was some damage done to the Elgin marbles.
Prince Harry and his party deny all knowledge and have been released pending an investigation and a review of the museum security tapes.

John Clancy head of museum security said in a statement, " someone has definitely been interfering with the marbles, they were all over the place like some kind of sick game."

The Elgin marbles, named after the Earl of Elgin who purchased them for the British government from the Greek government for some beads and a mirror in 1801 .
The marbles decorated the Acropolis in Athens until Lord Elgin took a fancy to them. It was strongly debated at the time and still is whether or not they should be given back to Greece to be broken up and used to build other things as the Greeks and Turks have done for years or to be caught up and damaged in military campaigns.

In a seance earlier today Thomas Bruce 7th Earl of Elgin commented, " they never loved those marbles as I did " also " Don't trust the bird killing ginger nut," then a Lynn came through but no one at the seance knew her.

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