Monday, November 5, 2007

Man Caught In Web Of Justice

An Australian man claimed a toxic spider bite compelled him to rape a woman has been jailed after a judge rejected his defence. The rape occurred in 1997 and he was arrested for it in 2005.

Known as "The Peter Parker defence" Philip Ronald Spiers said he felt his spidy sense tingling and it could only be sated by abducting a woman in a car park and raping her for four hours. Spiers aged 41, blamed it all on a bite from a funnel-web spider bite 12 days before the rape.

Spiderman creator Stan Lee was called upon as a spider bite expert said "it was completely against the moral character of Peter Parker unless it was an evil minion belonging to the mind control mutant Mysterol, then Parker would have an internal struggle of enormous proportions."

When asked if Mysterol ever operated on the Australian continent Lee smirked and said, "no one bothers with the Australian continent ."

After receiving a dose of anti-venom he began suffering from headaches and sensitivity to light and was later diagnosed with possible viral meningitis .

A toxicologist told the District Court of New South Wales there was no medical evidence to suggest a spider bite could make someone commit crime.

Spiers was jailed for eight years .

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