Monday, December 22, 2008

Black Is Not The New Bond

Puff 'P' Diddy Daddy has made a type of audition tape for his ad campaign for his new cologne 'I am king'.

Already making the rounds on YouTube, showing Diddy going jet-skiing in black tie, and wearing a lot of white tuxedo jackets and aviators. He has a beautiful woman on his arm at all times.

The ads are important, he says, because they show black men in a different light.

"The campaign shows an African-American male shot in a very elegant and sophisticated way," he said. "It's important that we can have images that will rival a Ralph Lauren or a Tom Ford. It just shows the possibilities."

" I thought that [the movie] was a way to put out a call out to different directors," he said. "I know how to do my own stunts. And without saying any words that's the hardest part of acting, without saying any words I can deliver a message of coolness and swagger."

All of the actors at the RSC know that Shakespeare's dialogue comes second to coolness and swagger delivered on jet-ski's in silence.

He's already got the movie concept worked out he'll play the New York based agent with a large over bite who helps the British Bond when he comes to town and gets himself into trouble. Maybe a love interest.

"I'm a dreamer," he said of his movie idea. " You've got to put things out there. If you put them out there, they come true."

Stick to reality shows and stealing samples of songs Mr Ditty or whatever your name is today. There are people out there who can act and that is what movies need. I think the current Bond has plenty of coolness, swagger and acting ability to spare without a former rap star to spoil things for him.

You elect a black President and now they think they can be James Bond. Time for a reality check.

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