Thursday, December 18, 2008

Romanian Ghost Likes The Spotlight

The Decebal Hotel in Romania has become a local attraction after a photograph of a ghost was published by the local media.

The 150-year-old hotel is believed to hide ancient Roman treasure under its foundations and the ghost is said by locals to keep treasure hunters away.

The hotel has been closed for renovations for five years but people who have ventured inside claim to have seen and photographed the ghost.

Victoria Iovan, 33, said: "I photographed my naked boyfriend touching himself in the hotel. Back home I was shocked to see another shadow in the picture. "

A high school student called Alexandra, said he and six classmates went into the hotel late one evening for fun.

"All of a sudden we felt a cold air and we saw a grey silhouette close to us. We couldn't find our way out because we ran so fast and left our beer behind," he said.

Local authorities have warned people not to go into the hotel because they say it is unsafe because of the building work.

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