Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When Monkeys Go Bad

During a street performance in China the monkeys turned on the organ grinder.

One monkey had refused to ride on a bicycle, and was consequently beaten like you do with performing animals.

His two monkey friends came to the monkey's aid by taking the trainer's cane and returning the beating. They also pulled the trainer's ear and bit his head while an audience of highly entertained spectators looked on.

"They were once wild and these performances don't always come naturally to them. They may have built up some feelings of hatred towards me," the stunned trainer said to the audience.

OBB News can't think of any reason the monkeys would dislike getting beat while being forced to perform stupid tricks.
Later on in the day the trainer felt like hugging a cute Panda at a nearby zoo and was surprised when he was mauled.

Monkeys - 3 Trainer - nil.


3oltan said...

It was smth like vendetta.

King Monkey Great Sage Equal Of Heaven said...

Let my monkeys go!