Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wang Explodes For The Last Time

Weather rockets are shot into the atmosphere in order to break up clouds to either protect crops or to simply improve the weather.
One of these rockets recently missed its target in the Chinese town of Wang Chung.

Inner Mongolia resident Wang Diange was killed after an explosion rocked the house where he was staying.
It was a raining so it was assumed the house had been struck by lightning.

Later on Wang's body exploded during his cremation blowing the doors off the chamber.

No one could figure out why the blast had occurred, until one of the fragments was found afterward bearing a military serial number. It was determined to be part of a shell casing.

The weather bureau had been firing the shells containing silver iodide in order to bust up some hail that was forming.

One unexploded shell lodged in Wang, and then went unnoticed due to his body being mangled.

Wang went out with a final bang.

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