Saturday, December 20, 2008

Burger King Smells Like Sex

Burger King is tapping the vast market of sex appeal. First there is the advertising campaign known as 'The Whopper Virgins' in which they travel the world to remote areas and de-virginise people who have never heard of the burger chain with their flame broiled burger.

If you think that is wrong then think about this. Burger king has a perfume for men known as 'Flame' at $3.99 the perfume smells like a flame-broiled hamburger.

Many chubby chasing men have applauded the scent designed to drive hungry women wild. The smell of the perfume has has mixed reactions. Some find it appealing and others disgusting.

Rickey Hammer from Boston who tried and liked the scent said: "Why can't they make something to have 'my' Whopper tasting like a BLT so I can get some action?"

Good idea Mr Hammer OBB News would not be surprised to see this or Burger King porn staring the creepy King mascot.

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