Monday, January 19, 2009

Aussie Writer Jailed For Bad Book

What an attractive family

Harry Nicolaides an Australian writer wrote a novel four years ago, which contained a brief passage referring to an unnamed crown prince. It sold just seven copies.

For this he has been sentenced to three years in a Thailand jail.

He admitted the charge of insulting the royal family, but said he was unaware he was committing an offence.

Nicolaides was arrested as he was leaving the country last August.

His self-published book, called Verisimilitude, is a must read book about a young boy and his homosexual unicorn for some reason it was in no way a big hit. The only copy whose whereabouts are known sits on the shelf of the Thai National Library.

Shackled in leg irons, and wearing standard-issue prison pyjamas, Nicolaides pleaded guilty to the charges against him at Bangkok's Criminal Court.

He was quickly found guilty, with a judge telling the court: "He has written a book that slandered the king, the crown prince and Thailand and the monarchy."

The court initially sentenced him to six years in jail, but reduced the term because of his guilty plea.

Before the trial Nicolaides had seemed stunned by what was happening to him, describing it is like a ''bad dream''.

Indeed it does seem like a bad dream. Thailand is known for being a corrupt and primitive country so this is not very surprising. Anti-monarchy sentiment is ripe with people sentenced for 6 years for just giving a speech and 3,000 websites have been blocked.

Recently a Thai police officer said that the BBC's south-east Asia correspondent Jonathan Head insulted King Bhumibol Adulyadej . Anyone can make these claims and its not like you'll get real justice in Thailand. The BBC has rejected this claim.

Jonathan Head does think that as a repentant foreigner, Harry Nicolaides does have a good chance of being pardoned by the king lets hope that is so.

For the record OBB News just wants to say how much it respects King Bhumibol Adulyadej as he must be a very brave man if that undead creature beside him is his wife. No wonder the king never smiles.


CaptainReality said...

Meh... Thailand's now up there with Saudi Arabia on my list of places to visit.

Actually, it's better than that, as I've just registered '', and I intend to use it. This means that I can never go to Thailand. Meh.

Mustn't forget the obigatory insult: "The King of Thailand breath comes direct from Satan's bottom. He has a brain the size of a pea.".

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