Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Devil Looks After His Own

Anchorage , Alaska, America. The winner of the $500,000 lottery drawing came forward to collect his prize. The raffle was designed to benefit the charity organization Standing Together Against Rape, or STAR.

The irony is that the winner, Alec Ahsoak aged 54 was convicted of sexual abuse of a minor twice in 1993 and once in 2000.

He says he plans to use the money to buy a home and and a rape van and to improve his life, and said he will donate $100,000 to STAR

Poor Ahsoak says he's had a hard-luck life, and the money will help him turn that around. He grew up in foster homes and the Jesse Lee Home for Children in Seward. I'm sure the minor he abused feels very sorry for him.

In the past he said he has donated money to a children's home in South Dakota, but that could not be verified. He even wants to volunteer and work with children.

He does not plan to give any of the money to his victim .

After taxes Ahsoak took home about $350,000 so we'll see if he actually gives $100,000 away. If you can't trust a sex offender then who can you trust?

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