Monday, January 5, 2009

Fun Loving Criminals

Seattle, America. A college student dressed in a vintage German military uniform was fatally shot by police on New Year's Day.

Seattle police were called to University of Washington senior Miles Murphy's apartment after receiving complaints that several men were firing rifle and shotgun rounds into the air.

Murphy emerged from inside and pointed what was later identified as a World War II Kar 98 German infantry rifle with a bayonet at the officer. He refused calls to drop the weapon and was shot several times.

Police searching the house found alcohol, live ammunition and a large collection of German, Russian and Nazi memorabilia including photographs and uniforms.

Murphy "wasn't a Nazi," Hattie Taylor, a friend, told OBB News. "He was just fascinated with the past... He liked to dress up and have fun.."

Ravenna the area in which Murphy lived is about the closest thing Seattle has to a Jewish neighborhood maybe he should have dressed as one of the good guys.

Murphy, 22, was a senior Germanics major and wanted to be a German literature professor and had a large collection of WWII memorabilia.

He was "a peaceful and loving young man fascinated with war and Nazis," said his mother, Dianne Murphy.

OBB News was pondering a shooting in 1998 of a 19-year-old black girl Tyisha Miller by 4 police officers in Riverside, California.

Sitting unresponsive in the front seat of her car with the music turned up and a handgun on her lap while she waited for family to help with her flat tire.

Her family members had keys to the car but instead of opening it they called 911. Shows you what they thought of Miller. They said they were concerned that Ms. Miller was having a seizure. More likely off her head on drugs.

Reverend Bernell Butler, Ms. Miller's cousin and a spokesman for the family, "but we got the same old thing. Police officers are able to murder and get away with it." Butler said that all he and the family wanted was that the officers be made to answer to a judge and jury "like anyone else who shot a defenseless girl 12 times while she sat unconscious in her car."

Since then Miller has been painted as a fun loving girl who may have dropped out of school but had dreams about joining the army.

The previous assaults her and her friends had done on other girls and the threats she made to a co-worker that got her fired from a security job when the co-worker asked her not to let her gang member friends hang around were glossed over. Oh a few weeks later she reapplied for her job. Crackheads have no memory.

Jeffrey Dahmer was described as such a nice quiet young man.

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