Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bush Attacks Police Officer

John Nash a corn fed 25 year-old police officer kept chasing a suspect for his first arrest even though he had a six-inch branch stuck in his eye.

He slipped on mud and slid head first into a bush while pursuing the man in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, just six days into the job.

The keen as mustard officer only realised he was injured when he arrested the suspect, who told him he had "better get to hospital".

After three hours of surgery, which saved his eye, and says he now just wants to return to work.

The officer was in an unmarked police vehicle following a car being driven erratically on an estate when it was abandoned in Walton Close.

Two men ran off and Pc Nash gave chase, in conditions described as "driving rain", and cornered one in a dead end.

The X-ray of Pc Nash's head shows the stick came to rest underneath his brain but as the brain wasn't very large there was no sign of any stick related damage.

It shows the dangers that police officers face every day, slipping and falling face first into shrubs has taken the lives of 3 British Boobies this year.

PC Nash has got his peripheral vision back and a "significant" amount of his sight has returned. He still cannot see bushes though.

The suspect was arrested but later released without charge.

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