Friday, January 2, 2009

Some Things Never Change

Former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson of the 1970's once complained that the BBC spends too much money and is run by hippies.

The BBC charges a licence fee saying that it doesn't have commercials just like how paying for cable was supposed to mean no commercials. Wilson described the fee as a 'regressive form of taxation'.

He complained that he was 'followed around the country by a large BBC television crew' who 'stayed in the best hotels and ate the best food'.

Isn't it funny how in the 90's Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair threw lavish parties at Number 10 for rock stars and embraced the whole 'Cool Britannia' era?

Only on OBB News will give you unbiased news. When the BBC cries about the Palestinians OBB news will state how they are just as bad as the Israelis and it was them who voted for Hamas after all.

OBB News asks you to think behind the story and educate yourself on the world.

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witchypoo said...

Every time I try to think I smell something burning.
I'll let you do the thinking.