Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gu Gu Strikes Again

Beijing, China, Gu Gu the panda with a taste for human flesh has struck again, this time mauling someone who jumped a barrier to retrieve a child's toy, his third attack on a visitor at the Beijing zoo.

Zhang Jiao a tourist went over a 4-foot, 7-inch barrier surrounding the panda's outdoor exercise area to retrieve a toy dropped by his clumsy 5-year-old son.

The 240-pound Gu Gu bit the intruder's legs and refused to let go until zookeepers pried his jaws open with Panda jaw opening tools .

Zhang had looked around to check if there were pandas nearby before jumping the barrier but pandas being one of nature's top predators used its black and white fur to conceal itself against the grey concrete before attacking.

Gu Gu first made news in 2007 when he bit a drunken tourist who jumped into his pen and tried to hug and molest him. The drunkard bit the panda back. Many have called for panda therapy after the incident.

In October, Gu Gu viciously bit a teenager who climbed into his exercise area because he was a stupid teenager.

It is not clear if Zhang would face criminal charges as there are signs posted all around the zoo about not feeding the animals.

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