Monday, October 15, 2007

Bush Tries harder Tactics

Having been fed up with being called a Chicken hawk and a lame duck president . President Bush has gone to the rugged hills of the Afghanistan/Pakistan border to search for Osama himself. Armed only with an AK 47 and accompanied by a special farces expert who is skilled in combat and languages he has gone looking for answers .

The president said; "If you want a job done right do it yourself, I shall beat the snot out of every goat farmer to find Osama to make America safe for our children and my bank account,"

The suspect pictured fell over trying to escape which explains the bruises and blood.

The Congress has condemned the president's actions and will hold a special meeting at the end of November next year right after lunch to discuss it.

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Anonymous Boxer said...

Yee-haw, that's we get when we vote the State of Texas into office!