Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fairly Good Elf

An 80 year-old fairy has been revealed in exquisite detail by scientists from the UK and Belgium.

The magical pixie had been trapped in an attic and preserved due to the dry air in a house around Paris, France.

The scientists reconstructed its original appearance using an X-ray-based medical imaging technique.

The pictures, published in the journal Feytaxa, "digitally dissect" the tiny creature to expose amazing details such as the preservation of internal organs.

"This is definitely the find of the century, first proof of Bigfoot and now this " said David Fhenny, from Manchester University and lead author on the study.

The fairy is a female and a species new to science. The scientists say that it would have inhabited a wooded area and lived in rings of mushrooms, they had the ability of flight but magical powers are uncertain , a living specimen would have to be studied in a controlled environment.

The Belgian co-authors on the study are based at Ghent University.

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