Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Corny Legacy

The controversy about waterboarding prisoners to get information has been white washed. The Bush administration has dropped the issue on whether or not waterboarding is torture or merely interrogation by introducing a new form of interrogation to replace waterboarding thus making it a none issue.

Known as corn cobbing this method of interrogation does not waste water and so in environmentally friendly though it is not very friendly on the prisoner's corn hole.

Environmentalists are crying out that more pressure to grow corn for bio-fuels and now for interrogation tools will lead to a world wide shortage of food.

The Bush administration with a bill out that favours American farmers growing corn countered this argument by saying it would only be the poorer nations who would suffer, the American economy would remain strong and throbbing.

President Bush is such a fan of corn that he hopes to set an example to the nation by wearing clothes made out of corn products and building an extension on to his ranch in Texas made out of corn.


Free Editing Be Us said...

1) It's non-issue not "none-issue".

2) It's favors, not "favours".

3) Congress writes bills. Not the President. Including the bill expanding subsidies for using corn to make Ethanol and torture implements.

Memarie Lane said...

free editing be us - 1) it's a joke.

2) he's British or Irish or something, they have a thing for the letter U over there.

B said...

well y'know the english language WAS created this side of the atlantic!

Mr America said...

We be the ones that speak proper, learn to speak English er I mean American or get out.

Go edit yourself said...

You are correct Mr Knudsen it is non-issue.

There is a reason he is a Troll and not charging for editing.

Grace Nearing said...

FEBU: Actually, neither the president nor Congress writes bills. It's the lobbyists who write legislation.

See, if you were a fact-checker instead of an editor you would have known that.