Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Police Brutality With A Smile

Manila, Philippines , Philippine police officers were instructed to smile in public or face suspension in an attempt to spruce up their image as rough and rude.

The new guidelines were announced after one of the country's bloodiest weeks in crime. Ten people were lined up and shot dead in a bank robbery last week, and a man went on a killing spree in a farming town that left eight residents dead.

"We are encouraging policemen to be community friendly," police Director Leopoldo Bataoil said.

"There is no place for rough and brusque officers in this organization we will even thank criminals who surrender to us.

"He said police were responding to public complaints over officers' behavior at road checkpoints.

"Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you so much. Sir/Ma'am. Would you like a cup of cup? Have a nice day ... these are words of courtesy which the public wants to hear from us as we tear gas them," Bataoil said.

He said officers who fail to follow the guidelines will be charged administratively and face suspension and a training course on hugs and smiles.

Bataoil added:" from now on when you watch our officers on the news shooting at rioters or beating someone with their batons they will be smiling and showing courtesy."


B said...

Being nice and friendly would scare convicts twice as much.

"Hello Joe, it's me, Mr Policeman here. Now we know you murdered all those people. Don't you get too worried at all though, we'll have you nice and comfy in a coffin soon as we're quite heavily armed"

Former RUC Officer said...

I always smiled when I pistol whipped Catholics.