Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sissy Breeze

This ghost picture was taken in 1929 by the late Robert D. Walsh at a mill in the United States. The lady appears to be looking downward, as she descends the staircase.

Taken in what was then called Fanham Wood Mill in early January 1929, by builders aid Robert D. Walsh. Mr. Walsh was renovating the inner staircase and needed a photographic aid to measure timber needed for the project .

Mr Walsh did not see anything other than the staircase and timber jointed roof, whilst taking the photograph, and he swears nobody other than himself and his dog were present but says his dog was acting strange that day.

The photograph is owned by Mr. Walsh's great granddaughter. Mr. Walsh died in November 1943, having sworn many times to the authenticity of the photo.

The great granddaughter's older sister (now deceased) always used to tease her that "Sissy Breeze" would come looking for her if she was naughty. A reference to the photograph.

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witchypoo said...

Sissy Breeze must be visiting here, because there's a wicked windstorm happening.