Monday, May 19, 2008

Great Britain And Canada Tie The Knot

The eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth II married his Canadian fiancee in a private ceremony at Windsor Castle.

Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly wed at the castle's 15th-century St. George's Chapel in front of 300 guests including the queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Phillips' mother, Princess Anne.
Prince Harry, the third in line to the throne, and his girlfriend Chelsy Davy were also there. As were Amy WineHouse, Gary Busey , Harrison Ford with his girlfriend Alley McBeal.

The bride who isn't related to him at all wore a traditional white dress by Sassi Holford and a tiara lent to her by her mother-in-law.

She was led into the chapel by her father Brian. Her bridesmaids, wearing light green dresses, included Peter's sister Zara Phillips.

After the ceremony, the couple left in a horse-drawn carriage for their reception where they snorted coke and drank to excess.
Phillips the 11th in line to the throne met Kelly in 2003, when both were working at the Montreal Grand Prix.

Kelly didn't know that Phillips with the 4 man-servants and 3 bodyguards was a royal and only made the discovery when she spotted her husband-to-be in a program about Prince William.

What a great way to start a marriage, with secrets.

The couple, both 30, live in London. Phillips works for the Royal Bank of Scotland while Kelly, a graduate of Canada's McGill University, is a personal assistant to broadcaster Sir Michael Parkinson inventor of the disease bearing his name.

Kelly renounced her Roman Catholic faith and joined the Church of England to marry Phillips. Under centuries-old British law, a royal who marries a Catholic cannot take the throne.

The law also said Canadians were forbidden but they made an exception as they didn't want to offend anyone except for the Catholics.

However Phillips and Kelly raised eyebrows in some quarters by agreeing to sell the story of their nuptials and honeymoon pictures to the celebrity magazine Hello! for a sum reported at up to $1 million.

What an attractive couple they should have asked for $2 million.


Eyebee said...

Haven't you got any REAL news, instead of this boring bollocks about a couple of royal tarts? Shame on you.

Queen Elizabeth 2nd said...

Orf with that cunts ed!

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1 million, why?

No way is yer one in that photo only 30.

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I wonder if that stick up his butt hurts.