Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This Was No Natural Disaster

Monday's magnitude-7.9 quake, China's deadliest in three decades with a death toll of more than 12,000 and tens of thousands homeless was no natural disaster.

The city of Mianyang home to the headquarters of China's nuclear weapons design industry was the first test site for a top secret earthquake machine according to anonymous sources from the CIA.

The growing pressure on China with the poisonous products they have exported and the Olympic torch carrying protests over the invasion of Tibet has given China nothing but bad press.

To distract the world the Chinese government created this disaster sacrificing its own people to attain sympathy from the West. 12,000 people is nothing compared to China's ever growing popluation of just over 1.3 billion people.


witchypoo said...

I seldom watch the news as it is far too sad. I rely on you to keep me informed. China frightens me. I'd keep an eye on them if I was you.

Prince Philip said...

Keep a slitty eye on them.

The Troll said...

The Olympics will be a huge failure. You heard it here first.