Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Exports From Asia

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Yet another fatal threat besides contaminated toys and medicines to be exported to the west from Asia is the Asian tiger mosquito.

The mosquito has already established itself in Northern Italy and has been found in Germany, France and the Netherlands and now it could be heading towards Great Britain say scientists at the Government's Health Protection Agency at Porton Down in Wiltshire. .

The tiger mosquito so named because of its stripes can
transmit Chikungunya fever, West Nile virus, Mad mosquito disease and Dengue fever.

The mosquito lays its eggs in water, it is thought it could survive in small pools that collect in tyres sent to Britain on container ships from Asia .

It has also adapted to dryer climates and has been known to lay its eggs in the eyes of people while they sleep.

People are at risk day and night from the bites of this mosquito which can cause a sharp pain like a needle prick and running around swearing and waving your arms in panic.

First found in used tyres in 1985 in Texas 2 years later it had spread to 17 states. It lays 100 to 300 eggs at a time and can carry up to 20 known diseases and 8 unknown ones.

A spokesman at Porton Down said: " The average Briton is too thick skinned for this mosquito to penetrate but we advise campers and others who sleep outside to wear an eye mask."

The almost mythical Asian bore worm that has been found chewing holes in concrete and living under the streets of California has been reclassified by experts as a sub-species to the Asian variety and has been named the Californian bore worm.
The public is advised to stay away from them if one is found as their pincers can easily remove fingers.


witchypoo said...

Eeeek! There was a time when anything marked "made in Japan" was suspect. Then we got jiggy with the cars and electronics. Now the critters are coming. Hide the kids!

warriorwoman said...

I just hid the cats, and now I can't find them!!!!!!!!

But more importantly, can it spread the mad cow disease?

I hope not because I don't want that. But if I were to get it I'd want to get it by eating a big juicy slab of beef.
I likes me beef I do, and the rarer the better.

Raw meat, yah! and not necessarily boneless

Anonymous said...

We're run over by chinese lady-bugs (Marienkäfer). They have more points than the European one and they fuck like hell. Problem with the little critters is the taste - if they are in the wine-harvest and get pressed out with the grapes you can throw away the fluid because of the bad taste: Their body-fluids are more concentrated. They were imported to Europe (!) for protecting the hops years ago - brewer's revenge!