Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bigfoot Still On The Loose

In a major shock it turns out that the Bigfoot body found by Rick Dyer and Matthew Whitton from Georgia, North America, was a fake.
The pair put up a Youtube showing the frozen Bigfoot body on their web site and then were interviewed on radio about the find.

After receiving an undisclosed sum of money they handed the frozen ape like mass to the Searching for Bigfoot team.

The DNA tests revealed the body to be an Ape costume with cinder blocks to add weight and animal guts thrown on top.

Dyer and Whitton admitted the hoax and then ran away. Whitton a police officer of seven years who was on medical leave after being wounded in the line of duty has been fired from his job for being a big fat liar.

It is believed that the stress of the Russian invasion of Georgia led the couple to lie to gullible morons about finding a mythical creature. Following the old adage of 'A fool and his money are easily parted' they proceeded to take advantage.

The Searching for Bigfoot team should try the Searching for real jobs team instead.


witchypoo said...

Or in their case: "A fool and his money are some party."

David Gerard said...

I don't see how anyone could ever doubt those guys' sincerity.