Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Obese Is Obsolete

Officials in the UK have decided to ban the word 'obese' from letters being sent to parents about their children's weight.
Instead the parents of these children will receive a letter saying such children are "very overweight, big boned or even lard ass has been suggested ."

The move is being called both "prissy" and "namby pamby" by Tam Fry, a member of Board of the National Obesity Forum.

In the United States, they tried to ban the word "fat" and have replaced it with the word "obese." It doesn't stop the chubby food locusts from being fat though.

In the UK, Primary Care Trusts, or PCTs, are being guided to measure children's height and weight at ages five and eleven. Parents can choose not to participate, and so can their children.

In the event that both do choose to participate, the measurements will be sent by letter to the parents and not the children. Naturally, a good portion of the obese children are not participating in the measurements, thereby negating the attempt to correct the situation. Children as little as seven years of age are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, which was unheard of in the UK a decade ago.

Does this kind of program carry any weight with the fat ass parents of lardy children? Lazy fat parents are going to lead to lazy fat children, never mind prissy or namby pamby its the parents that should be humiliated not the children, they should be clipped around the ear and told to do jumping jacks.


angela said...

We here at Kuntamurra Catholic Primary like to term the larger child "cuddly". Or at least the Principal does. He and Father Mulcahey are kind hearted moderate men who spend a great deal of time with the little porkers behind locked doors giving them repeated religious instruction and they are an inspiration to us all.

Grace Nearing said...

Rather than fat or obese, I tend to prefer food resources-intensive.

Bunny said...

Does anyone think that the parents of fat children don't know that their children are fat? Just as I know my children are skin and bones, I'm sure they know their children are lard ass bastards. I feed mine and feed them some more, but the little monkeys just go outside and play and burn it all off.