Saturday, August 2, 2008

Victoria's Secret

A pair of Queen Victoria's bloomers, with a 50-inch waist, were snapped up for $9,000 by a Canadian buyer at a central England auction.

Auctioneer Charles Hanson said Queen Victoria's underpants belonged to "a very big lady of quite small stature with a very wide girth." She was said to be 5 feet tall.

The handmade knickers from the 1890s bear the monogram "VR" for Victoria Regina a real tongue twister. They are a open-crotch style, with separate legs joined by a drawstring at the waist, a popular style in the late Victorian era.

Also up for auction was Queen Victoria's chemise, with a 66-inch bust, sold for $8,000. Her nightgown sold for $11,000 and her ivory handled dildo that went for $10,000.

Queen Victoria lived from 1819 to 1901. She became queen at age 18 and was the U.K.'s longest-reigning monarch. Her reign is noted for both imperial expansion and the decreasing political power of the monarch.

Also for making crotchless panties popular.


just bob said...

The chick in the photo has a great rack. Wouldn't mind getting into those bloomers.

warriorwoman said...

Ten grand for a dildo eh?

That's some expensive "me" time.

Anonymous said...

I'd do Queen Vic.

angela said...

It wasn't a 'dildo' as you so crudely put it. Rather, as every antique dealers knows, it was an important piece of kitchenware known as the 'Royal Plunger." It was carried behind and sometimes within Her Majesty in parades and so-forth by a special valet known as The Royal Staff Bearer.