Sunday, August 24, 2008

Even Criminals Need Sympathy For Getting Caught

Hallmark are known for covering almost every event in your life from births to deaths to contracting painful STD's in their greetings cards.

Their card that covers death from a painful STD is a world wide best seller but never one you want to receive in the mail.

The Three Squares greeting card company have tapped into yet another one of the events in life that more than 1% of Americans will experience, getting sent to prison.

The cards are filled with tough-love messages; for example, the Christmas card reads "You had the choice to be 'naughty or nice.' And you chose...Oh well, now you have to do your time. But, Christmas won't be the same without you here. Stay safe. Merry Christmas."

nother card reads "We have not spoken in a long time. I'm ready to start communicating. I'll start by saying, your absence in my life hurts. I love you." Still.

My personal favourite would be " I told you so you stupid f**ker. I hope robbing that Mini Mart was worth all the shower rape........ enjoy."

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