Thursday, August 7, 2008

Monks Need Broadband

The monks who live on Caldey Island three miles from the Welsh coast sell perfume, chocolate and a little weed online to support their small community.

They found that slow Internet dial-up connection speeds were proving to be an impediment to their growing business and porn surfing activities .

The Abbot of Caldey Abbey, Father Daniel said "Patience is one of the characteristics of monastic life, but even the patience of brothers was being tested by our slow, dial-up Internet service."

I wonder what kind of language the holy brothers mutter towards their computers. Life is so different these days that the Internet and business needs takes over from Viking raiders of previous centuries, ah to have modern day problems .

Caldey Abbey became the grateful recipient of broadband from a communications tower on the mainland. The tower is run by TFL Group, who are proud to be delivering such a necessary service to the holy island.

The monks now have bling bling crosses around their necks instead of wooden ones due to their growing business and can often be found on Youtubes performing Jackass stunts.

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