Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Head Man Makes A Point

A wealthy businessman committed suicide by tying a steel rope to a fence, wrapping it round his neck then speeding off in his car.

The car containing the decapitated body of Tadeusz Szewczek sped off down the street as his head bounced towards his home where his horrified wife was watching.

Police are baffled as to why the 48-year-old, from the village of Jakubow in eastern Poland, wanted to kill himself in such a grisly and amusing way.

They said he waited for his wife to come home before taking his own life, isn't that what marriage is about sharing those special moments?

Szewczek's 75-year-old mother Marta said: "I think something went wrong with his marriage recently."

What an amazing piece of insight.

Malgorzata is being treated for shock as the head damaged some of her prized rose bushes.


witchypoo said...

I'll bet it was his last laugh as he knew what a bitch she was about leaving a mess in the yard.

angela said...

Hubbie had the last word in THAT argument. Way to go Tadeusz.

warriorwoman said...

No one tells it quite like you do Knudsen.

He lost his head over it.