Friday, August 22, 2008

There Is Such A Thing As A Free Meal

A Canadian couple finally took a restaurant up on an offer that arrived 15 years ago by balloon.

For its 1993 grand opening, Nicky's Restaurant in Canton, Ohio, North America, released balloons with attached cards good for a free dinner for two.

One of the balloons made it across Lake Erie and into the backyard of Margaret and Ken Savory in Waterford, Ontario.
They were treated to pork chop dinners when they presented the card at Nicky's.

Owner Nick Augoustinos says he was shocked that they'd held on to the coupon for so long but when he found out they were cheap Canadians it all made sense.

Health problems had kept the couple from coming sooner, Margaret Savory said, adding: "I think that in back of my mind I was hoping that one day I would feel well enough to see if the place was here."

OBB News advises readers to phone the restaurants up first to see if they are still in business before making travel plans and for restaurants to put a use by date on any coupons sent out as this couple just got a free meal and probably will never return.

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angela said...

" ... Health problems had kept the couple from coming sooner ..."
It is heart-breaking to see consecutive Knudsen posts receive no comments, especially when they feature stories about pedophile priests and older people with sexual health problems.

Dry friction can be very hard on the older woman you know. To enhance the romance and pleasure of the moment angela recommends extended foreplay, scented lubricant, a candlelit environment, and some third party anal fisting by an oiled up midget.

Hopefully these suggestions will help Margaret and Ken come sooner :)