Monday, December 17, 2007

116 Year-Old Ukraine Man Dies

Hryhoriy Nestor, a bachelor who in his lifetime was thought to be the oldest person in the world, has died at the age of 116 in Ukraine.

Mr Nestor died in his sleep in the village of Stary Yarychev, in the western region of Lviv famous for having the longest tape worm ever in a human, which was 20 metres or 66 feet and was found in Matviyko Samoilenko in 1956.

Nestor died before he could get into the Guinness book of world records, now the oldest living person is currently Edna Parker of the United States, who turned 114 in April but don't count on her making it through the winter as the world of competitive dying can turn on a dime.

A few close relatives and neighbours gathered for Mr Nestor's funeral.
In accordance with Mr Nestor's wishes there should be no crying, a hearty meal was served of his favourite dishes: warm potato and herring, and cabbage with home-made sausage.

Oksana one of his relatives said, "His death came as a surprise to us, he just didn't wake up again, who would have thought a 116 year-old in the prime of life would have just died ? He owed me money."

Mr Nestor put his long life down to the fact that he never married and was still a virgin however local children would chant as they passed by his home "Hryhoriy Nestor goat molester" but that was just children being children assured Oksana. The reason for him remaining a bachelor according to Oksana was because he was a short man and never had money, also maybe it was the constant farting from eating cabbage all the time.

In 1891 when Mr Nestor was born the life expectancy in Europe was 50 years old , Adolf Hitler was only two, An 8.0 earthquake strikes the village of Utsuzumi in rural Gifu Japan, killing over 7,000 across the region and creating a 3-meter-tall surface fault that is still visible today and Thomas Edison patented the radio.


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