Sunday, December 23, 2007

Roofing Billionaire Falls To His Death

Ken Hendricks, a roofing company billionaire has died after falling through the garage roof at his home in Wisconsin, USA.
At around 10pm he had just come home and was checking on the construction he was having done when he fell through an opening covered by a tarp.

Hendricks started as a part-time roofer and by the age of 30 had 500 roofers working for him. He was the founder, chairman and CEO of ABC Supply. The roofing company does about $3 billion in business a year. Earlier this year he had announced plans to build a wind turbine tower plant in Keokuk, Iowa, that would hire 350 people.

The Mayor of Keokuk, Dave Gudgel says news of his friend's death is shocking. He says he doesn't know how Hendrick's death will affect the project and if he will still get the cheque that was promised to him as no one will return his calls about it.

The Guinness Book of World Irony want to add Mr Hendricks to its list as a roofer billionaire who falls to his death off his own roof is quite ironic but will wait a week before contacting the family to give his wife Diane and their seven children time to grieve.

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