Sunday, December 9, 2007

Paddinton Bear, Not Above The Law

Paddington Bear the star of an award winning television show that has been translated into many languages throughout the world faces a police interrogation over his immigration status.

Paddington who was born in darkest Peru but moved to the UK when he was very young was never made into a British citizen as hes a bear.

The Brown family of London who took the bear into their home over 30 years ago are also being questioned.
Paddington's only known relative was Aunt Lucy who died in a bear retirement home in Lima 12 years ago so there is nothing left for Paddington to go back to.

John Mitchell of Uk Immigration who is handling the case said, " While we do not condone stowaways on ships entering and staying in the country illegally we find that Mr Paddington has lead an exemplary life while living here which will be taken into consideration."

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