Saturday, December 22, 2007

Man Has A Bad Case Of The Blues

57 year-old Paul Karason developed a bad case of dermatitis caused by stress and bad diet . The skin on his face would crack and peel off forcing his bakery business to close down after numerous health violation complaints.

To treat his skin he started to use colloidal silver, a product that is reportedly made by extracting silver from metal into water with an electrical current, it is then taken as a drink. Mr Karason's skin only started to discolour when he began to rub it directly onto his face.

The change was so gradual that no one noticed at first and was only mentioned when a friend he hadn't seen in a while asked what had happened?

His girlfriend, 26 year-old Jackie Northup, said, "The only time now I really think about it or notice it is if we're out in public and people start staring." Then added, "He is a very kind man with a big heart, I hope people learn to accept the way he looks."

Even though his skin is blue Mr Karason swears by the treatment.

He has moved from Oregon to California hoping to find acceptance and has started a new life as a blue Kenny Rogers impersonator which has received critical acclaim , " You can't get much more stranger than California, I think I shall be accepted for who I am down here as I look more normal than some ."

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